The History of TV

November 30, 2011 Posted by admin

The history of TV spans several decades and is filled with many twists, turns and eccentric geniuses. It is a colorful story that starts in black and white, progresses to color and eventually into the third dimension.

Television has been around for more than seven decades now. TV started as an electromechanical device and progressed into a fully electronic device. The rise of the electromechanical tv was kicked off by Willoughby Smith in the year 1873 when he discovered an amazing property of selenium called photoconductivity. Then Philo Farmsworth built the first working television in 1927.

Black and White TV

In the old days of TV, all images were broadcast in black and white, so you had to use your imagination when you wanted to know what color was being depicted. In addition, every television show was live because methods to record shows had not been invented yet.

The year 1951 saw the first national televised broadcast. It was a broadcast of President Truman giving a speech.

Color Television

But it wasn’t until 1967 that the majority of broadcasts were in color. This was a momentous event because now you could see your favorite tv stars in color for the first time. No longer did you have to use your imagination. So this was a great year for television and for Hollywood. In those days, color tvs were expensive, but these days you don’t need a high salary like a hawaii dentist to afford one.


Finally in 2011 glasses free 3D tv was launched. This is another big year in television as TV has finally entered into the third dimension for the first time. Now watching tv is like really being there, instead of just looking at a picture of something. So tv has finally become a fully immersive experience.

The Future of Television

So what is next for TV? Perhaps TV will enter into the realm of the other remaining senses. Wouldn’t it be great if TV incorporated a tactile element? It would be amazing to feel the forces produced by a rocket ship in a space movie. Or TV could incorporate the sense of smell too. Though there are some smells that are better left to the imagination, such as the smell of an ancient swamp. I’m not sure if I would like to know what a wooly mammoth smells like.

It seems that the future of TV is bright indeed. I think that the next stage in TV would be the development of something like Star Trek’s holodeck which is a fully immersive world that is exactly like our own, where holograms are made tangible and real enough to cause physical damage. Or it could be like the Matrix where the television world is completely constructed inside of your mind, by tapping directly into your synapses. That would truly be a scary place where you don’t know what’s real and what isn’t.

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