Ed Sullivan Show

August 26, 2011 Posted by admin

It’s incredible, more than 100,000 Elvis fans bought copies of “Elvis Presley – Ed Sullivan Shows” within three months of its release in 2006. This DVD sells for $17.99 on Amazon and thus it has grossed its producer, Andrew Solt, quite a sum of money. But to put together this video compilation Solt had to spend a great deal of money to acquire the rights from the family of Ed Sullivan.

Many people think that old films and classic television shows are public domain, but they are not. So producers can’t just acquire old footage and release it. They have to do a lot of work to secure full rights to utilize the footage.

They have to secure rights for a quite a number of different items for every single clip. They need to pay for using the performer’s likeness. They need to pay the performer’s fee. They need to pay union fees for all of the musicians. They need to pay for publishing rights to the song. They need to pay the record label for use of live performance rights. They need to pay for film rights to the company that filmed the show.

That is quite a number of fees and this is why Solt spent close to $10 million to obtain the rights to the Ed Sullivan Show. But the end result was worth it. Solt acquired footage and rights to Elvis’s performances on the Ed Sullivan show and also obtained rights for the Beatle’s performances and a number of other popular bands.

Buying the rights cost Solt almost every penny he had at the time, but in the end it was well worth it for him. He ended up selling over 100,000 copies of his Elvis DVD and more than 200,000 copies of his Beatles DVD.

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